Our Team

Made up of talented individuals from all over the world. From our highly creative design team through to our onsite project managers and engineers, each member of the team has their part to play. We are always there to back each other up, step into the breach, and provide support. We recognize the need to collaborate with each other and our clients, to play on the same team to move in the same direction, and to speak the same language. We design hard to be recognized as one of the most creative, innovative, and trendsetting design studios in the UAE.

Fatma Al Zarouni

Interior Designer, Engineer, Founder, CEO.

Sultan Khulaqi


Abdul Aziz Mohammed

Project Manager, Client relation.

Faisal Abdul Rahman

Project Incharge, Client relation

Munabhir Fairoz

3D Visualization, Designer

Mohammed Jelani

Senior Joinery, Fit-out Designer

Nuha Al Khalaqi

Office Administration

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